About Us

Entertane Media was started by two guys in their early 20s who wanted to make file sharing and torrent searching easier and faster. First, we created Entertane.com, a site that framed more than 24 different torrent sites and gave users the ease of searching between multiple sites faster and simpler. Needless to say, it was an instant success. Within 6 months, the website received more than 1 million visits. In 2010, Entertane received close to 2 million visits.

However, the team understood that different torrent users have different needs and methods of searching, and thus began developing a second torrent meta-search engine. By offering hundreds of real-time results instantly and the ability to sort and filter based on various factors, the team felt they had another hit in TorrentTree.com. Luckily, the community loved the product and appreciated its simplicity and speed. TorrentTree garnered more than 2.5 million visits in its first 6 months live.